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When We Say Modern...

We mean it! Red Door DesignWorks occupies a niche position as a boutique Modern Eclectic to Modern Luxury home staging firm. We embrace the particular aesthetic that is strong lines, striking color combinations, simple styling and contemporary flair. When working in urban condos, we design our stagings to interact well with the home, and speak to a hip, cosmopolitan clientele. We tend to see this staging as Modern Eclectic, and there is typically some playfulness and artsy edge in our strategic marketing of the property--drawing inspiration from homes as presented in a magazine like Dwell.  In suburban new construction and luxury properties, we move toward Modern Luxury, which includes more metal, leather, velvet and modern art--drawing inspiration from homes as presented in a magazine like Elle Decor. For examples of RDDW Boston's work in each type of property, you can visit the links provided:

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