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More on Colors!

This week we had the opportunity to provide a color consultation on several rooms in a townhouse west of Boston. The homeowner had moved into her unit that was already painted in neutrals, such as beige and yellow. While some of her color palette was in the earth tones, many of her furnishings and art had a modern feel and a citrus-bright color story.

Before calling us in to consult, the client was considering painting her living room walls white. She had run this idea by a friend who had told her it was "too plain."  After considering her space and belongings, we agreed with the client's initial impulse and provided her with a tinted white color scheme. 

Some of the colors we chose for the home included:  Benjamin Moore's China White, Celery Salt, November Rain and White Dove. We also recommended Super White for all of the trim work in her home. 

With these suggestions, we hoped to support the modern feel of her home, while providing warmth and depth to her space.