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Consulting On a Kitchen

One of our current projects is serving as consultants on a low-budget kitchen remodel. Our client and her husband want to use as much of their existing items as possible, and plan to do all of the work themselves. She has hired us to give feedback and guidance on her design plan.

By the time she brought us in, our client had a general idea of the final look for her kitchen. She had pulled inspiration images from magazines, and she had a good understanding of her style: farmhouse. She sought our help with making specific choices on paint colors, countertop and tile finish, how to handle existing cabinetry, flooring and lighting.

The project is fun for us, as we've both approached our own kitchen face-lifts from a budget-minded perspective. Working with what we already have and updating it, or bringing in new items with an eye to uncovering amazing prices and innovative material usage--these are challenges we relish.

At this point in our consultation with our client, we have given her three paint color options for her existing cabinetry. We've given her some parameters for finding tile and lighting that will be both functional and appropriate to her style. We've talked with her about how to better use existing storage, so she can remove unnecessary furniture pieces from her space.

She plans to touch base with us again, once she has does some of her own research and decision-making. We will keep you posted!