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Home Staging Before-and-After

It is remarkable the difference optimally placed furniture can make to the presentation of a home. For sale, in particular, it is very important to have walkways accessible -- that includes entryways into rooms. We frequently run into backs of sofas when we are doing our first walk-through of homes about to go on the market. That is because the sofa is often oriented toward a television, which is completely understandable. It makes good sense when you are living in a home day-to-day! For staging, however, it's more important to have the grand entrance into the room.

See the pictures below for a good illustration of what a key change creating an easy entryway can be:

Before--Beautiful fireplace, but no way to approach it! 

Notice the maze of chairs and tables.

After--By swinging the sofa to an interior wall, and using the remaining furniture in better locations, we have put the focus where it belongs: the fireplace.

Before--In the original layout, the view of the striking staircase was also obscured by the floating sofa.

After--With the sofa moved, we were able to create a landing area at the base of the stairs, and a nice transitional space between rooms. 

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