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In Defense of Ceiling Fans

If you’ve watched any decorating television show in the last decade, often times the first thing the designer does is take down an existing ceiling fan and replace it with a light fixture. I am not one of those decorators, I totally embrace the ceiling fan.  Ceiling fans these days are not what they used to be, they are sleek, modern and attractive.  Add on a remote control and I am in love.

If you’ve ever considered a fan, but talked yourself out of one, let me offer you some facts that may change your decision.  Ceiling fans provide a great way to circulate air in your room without taking up the space of a floor or table fan.  Ceiling fans also keep your room cooler during the warmer months by drawing warm air towards the ceiling, potentially reducing air conditioning bills by up to 40%. Conversely, in cooler months, by reversing the direction of the fan blades, warm air that rises can be pushed down, making your room feel warmer, reducing heating bills by up to 10%.

Recently, I went out in search for the perfect fan.  My daughter’s room had an overhead electrical box, but no wall switch to turn it on. Hiring an electrician to put in a switch would probably be several hundred dollars.  Until recently, I was under the impression that ceiling fans not wired to a switch had to be turned on by a pull chain.  Not so anymore!  

These days, many models come with a remote control that offers a dimming function for the light, as well as turning the fan off and on. My requirement was to be under 125$ and have a modern look.  After much research, the decision was:

I even mounted the remote control on the wall to mimic a wall switch!

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