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Visualizing Color Changes

Selecting exterior house paint color is one of the trickiest jobs around. The factors of scale, sunlight and setting all affect the look of exterior paints.

In the process of working on exterior paint color selection for a current project, we have made use of a few online tools: 

www.houzz.com: This site contains seemingly endless collections of house photos, organized by keyword. It makes searching for design styles and house features incredibly easy. Seeing pictures of others' interiors is helpful in narrowing your own preferences.

www.benjaminmoore.com/en-us/for-your-home/personal-color-viewer: Benjamin Moore's Personal Color Viewer enables you to upload a photo of your room or home exterior, and apply color. With patient "masking" of the various spaces in your room, you can see how multiple paint colors and trim colors interact with one another. Invaluable before actually applying paint!

Here is a collection of house color exteriors we were playing with, using the Benjamin Moore tool. It has been instructive to see the house (original paint top right: yellow with white trim) in different combinations of paints and trims. The effort to fine tune the look continues. Perhaps the final result will be the content of a future blog post!

Six of 20+ paint color versions tried thus far!

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