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Designing a Business around a Marketplace

home staging

We started Red Door DesignWorks nearly 10 years ago, after being told by a realtor that the style and organization we expressed in our own houses could benefit other homeowners readying for sale.

That was the beginning of our Home Staging business, and it automatically dovetailed with Room Redesign--helping homeowners who want to stay in place optimize their houses both functionally and stylistically.

Since dipping our toes into those waters, we have grown over the years in response to customer requests... for assistance with Designing Rooms, Selecting Paint Colors, Art Hanging, Space Planning, Gardening & Outdoor Styling, and full-service Renovation Design Assistance.

The current real estate climate in the Arlington/Somerville/Winchester/Lexington/Cambridge/Belmont area in which we generally work has really compelled us to expand our Home Staging offerings--based on repeated requests from realtors. 

Six months ago we made the strategic decision to acquire inventory and launch a Full-Rental Lifestyle Staging business line. To date, we have enough furnishings to fully stage multiple homes, and we are committed to growing dynamically with each staging request we receive.

There is excitement and risk associated with all this growth--acquiring furniture, committing to warehouse space. But there is so much creative joy and energy in expanding and reaching out toward new challenges. 

We have connected with so many new realtors, homeowners and developers. Each week we are adding new clients and contacts. With our desire to grow our business comes development of new skills... like increasing our outreach online through Search Engine Optimization (site map creation and indexing, anyone?!); preparation of multimedia presentations; designing of new marketing collateral; offering classes and sharing information at networking events.

All of this designing of our business and our future is making us happy ... because, after all... we do LOVE design! And our enhanced staging offerings are also benefiting buyers, who are able to better envision themselves in a new home; as well as sellers, who are able to more quickly attract shoppers and close on their deals.

If you are a homeowner, realtor or developer interested in Home Staging services, or any other service line provided by Red Door DesignWorks, please do not hesitate to reach out to discuss your project! 

We post regular project updates and thoughts on our travels through the design world on our Facebook page and our Instagram page. Please follow us to stay in touch!