ROOM REDESIGN -- We use your own art & furniture -- Arlington, Winchester, Boston & Beyond

Red Door DesignWorks specializes in room redesign, using client's own furnishings and artwork to enhance functionality and aesthetic appeal.


We believe many homes already have everything they need to be well decorated.

A room redesign is a wonderful way to achieve a new look on a budget. We enjoy meeting with our clients to determine how they currently use their space, as well as what they like and dislike about their rooms. Using only their items, we then rearrange furnishings, re-hang art and style accessories to give new life to a home. A part of every redesign is organization, where we help clients better utilize storage and prioritize which furnishings and accessories they should keep. 

Specifically, we find many of our redesign clients have furniture they’ve inherited from family, which they do not know how to use in their space. We take great joy in finding ways to integrate those pieces into a room. Our clients are often amazed at the creativity and new vision we bring to their space in just a few short hours. 

Many of our long-term Interiors clients come to us first needing a room redesign. In fact, it is the service we encourage clients to utilize, before heading out to buy new furniture or accessories. Many times, a room redesign appointment can save homeowners hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, on unnecessary items.